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WSO2 Identity Cloud leverages the functionality of WSO2 Identity Server’s identity and access management (IAM) capabilities, which manages millions of user identities at customer sites.

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Increase business agility

With WSO2 Identity Cloud, you can start getting the benefits of improved security and increased user productivity within days rather than months: all you need to do is get the cloud system connected with your corporate directory and the applications that your users need to access. Further, as your needs grow, WSO2 Identity Cloud can scale beyond any limit.

Improve security

SaaS applications outside of corporate network can become a security nightmare with users not properly following corporate security standards and potentially retaining access to some of the systems even after they leave the company. Single Sign-On and centralized monitoring and reporting of WSO2 Identity Cloud ensures that access to all applications is centralized and controlled.

Reduce operating cost

With WSO2 Identity Cloud there is no upfront investment or long-term commitments, and you don’t have to spend money on additional infrastructure such as server space or have the need to maintain the deployment.

Increase employee productivity and satisfaction

Application catalog in WSO2 Identity Cloud’s user portal makes it easy for your employees to discover and access the applications they need. Single Sign-On to all apps based on their corporate identity means that they waste no time on managing multiple credentials across discrepant systems.

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