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WSO2 Update Manager

Recommended system requirements:

  • 3 GHz Dual-core Xeon/Opteron (or latest)
  • 4 GB RAM (2 GB for JVM and 2 GB for the operating system)
  • 10 GB free disk space
  • Oracle JDK 1.7.*/1.8.* compliant

Install WSO2 Update Manager (WUM). Follow these instructions to install in Windows, Apple OS X or Linux.


To initialize WSO2 Update Manager run the command below. You will have to enter the email address and password that's associated with your WSO2 Subscription.

wum init

To download WSO2 Identity Server 5.4.1, run the following command.

wum add wso2is-5.4.1

To download the updates and create the latest updated product pack, run the following command.

wum update wso2is-5.4.1

Once the process is completed it will display the location of the updated product pack. It usually resides at the following directory path.


Unzip the product pack into any preferred location and navigate into the following directory using the command prompt/terminal window.


Execute the startup script.

On Windows:

wso2server.bat --run

On Linux/Mac OS:


Go to the following URL to access the management console:


To start using WSO2 Identity Server, read the Quick Start Guide.

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