Identity Server Product Roadmap
Updated 1H 2019


Identity Federation and SSO

  • Cross protocol logout
  • SP template & default sequence
  • IS diagnostic tool


  • Adaptive Authentication enhancements
  • Geo-velocity solution


  • SCIM2 basic filter

Extensions to the ID ecosystem

  • Identity APIs
  • Multi regional deployment patterns

Identity Administration

  • Identity Admin and user login portals as SPAs
  • An app dashboard for end-users (consent/preference management)
  • Product APIs for cleaner integration

Extensions to the ID ecosystem

  • Integration with 3rd party IGA,PAM, SIEM products
  • SPIFFE integration
  • Prometheus/ Grafana integration
  • OPA integration

Security Token Service

  • Token Exchange
  • Token Binding


  • Authentication flow designer

SSO and Identity Federation

  • SAML ECP Profile
  • Make the login flow API-driven

SSO & Identity Federation

  • Identity Gateway : Support for proxy based federation (WAM)


  • Blockchain Integration

Extensions to the ID ecosystem

  • Integration with Hashicorp vault for secret management


We are facing an exploding endpoint problem. In less than 20 years, the world will grow from a billion to more than 1 trillion programmable endpoints. These programmable endpoints are accessed by applications themselves and by applications on behalf of users, leading to a large number of interactions between users, applications and endpoints. APIs are the glue that facilitate these interactions while Identity & Access Management (IAM) secures these ensuring only the right interactions happen.

Each user, application, and endpoint has an identity. Be it a transportation system, which is to keep a city of over millions of people moving or an ecommerce application deals with millions of transactions per second; any system is built by integrating these three identities. Hence, Identity is at the core of any integration.

WSO2 Identity Server, a core component of the open source WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, facilitates single sign on between applications and federates identities between multiple heterogeneous systems. Being open source allows WSO2 Identity Server to enable speedy innovation, freedom from vendor lock-in and be competitive in pricing. Keeping extensibility at the heart of its design, WSO2 Identity Server enables enterprises to build agile and adaptive solutions to address their complex IAM use cases.


To empower enterprises in a connected, API driven world to maximize employee productivity, enhance consumer experience, and tighten relationships with partners and third parties with integration agile identity and access management.


The content herein is shared in order to outline some of our current product plans but it is important to understand that it is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, and not as a binding commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Any references to the development, release and timing of any products, features or functionality remains at the sole discretion of WSO2. Product capabilities, timeframes and features are subject to change.

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