Bridging Robust Financial Services for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Consumers today want online financial experiences that go beyond the web - they’re opting for systems that are socially connected, interactive, mobile enabled, and are simple and easy. To meet these requirements, financial institutions need to develop a next-generation financial infrastructure that will seamlessly connect with all the backend systems in place.

We enable a connected financial enterprise by


Creating a central ecosystem to facilitate a real-time integration platform that’s secure, high performing, and reliable


Seamlessly connecting services and APIs, financial protocols, cloud connectors, and more


Supporting event-driven architecture (EDA) to scalably govern messaging infrastructure


Providing a lean and flexible platform that help financial institutions develop a future-proof architecture to meet today’s challenges and enable innovation


WSO2 is continuously working to solve integration and API issues. Stay close to WSO2.

Rana Peries

Head of Innovation and Digital Financial Services Technology