You Value Our Experience,
We Value Your Loyalty


1a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

2a: dependence on something future or contingent: HOPE

We define trust as the confidence some visionary companies had over a decade ago, when we were a team of 10 striving to become a technology leader in open source, and investing in us so they can take their enterprises to new heights.

We did it. And so did they.
Today, along with those corporate giants, WSO2 boasts a portfolio of over 300 customers who are using our enterprise solutions in the areas of integration, API management, identity, and more, enabling them to be on a path toward efficiency and productivity via digital transformation.


Here’s to those who placed their trust and are still with us on their journey.

We thank you and appreciate your loyalty.

Here’s to another 10!