Gartner defines ‘Big data’ as high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making. Any Big data solution should be able to address three main issues - capacity, scalability and availability. The success of managing an organization's data assets depend heavily on the big data solution that is in use within the organization.

Join this webinar series for an understanding of big data challenges and how to overcome them along with a discussion of why WSO2 BAM should be your organizations choice for a big data tool box. This series will also cover how WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (BAM) can be used as the big data solution to meter and monitor WSO2 StratosLive which is the public PaaS of WSO2.


Deependra Ariyadewa Gihan Anuruddha Sinthuja Ragendran
Deependra Ariyadewa
Technical Lead
Gihan Anuruddha
Senior Software Engineer
Sinthuja Ragendran
Software Engineer
Maninda Edirisooriya Inosh Goonewardena
Maninda Edirisooriya
Software Engineer
Inosh Goonewardena
Associate Technical Lead
June 12 - July 2
June 12
Big Data Storage Challenges and Solutions
June 26
Enterprise Use Case Webinar -
PaaS Metering & Monitoring
July 2
Your Big Data Toolbox