WSO2 Carbon is a complete, OSGi-based platform which is made up of over 175 components. The WSO2 Carbon core framework functions as “Eclipse for servers” and includes common capabilities shared by all WSO2 products, such as built-in registry, user management, transports, security, logging and more.

WSO2 Carbon has redefined the middleware space by providing an integrated and componentized middleware platform that adapts to specific enterprise needs - on premise or in the cloud. 100% open source and standards-based.

Join the WSO2 Carbon team on this webinar series for an in depth understanding of

  • The WSO2 Carbon platform, its architecture and various features of the platform.
  • How to utilize various components of the WSO2 Carbon platform to build your enterprise architecture in no time
  • The extension points of the WSO2 Carbon platform and how to best extend them to fulfill your middleware needs
  • How to build your own middleware component/product based on the WSO2 Carbon kernel


Paul Fremantle Sameera Jayasoma Pradeep Fernando
Paul Fremantle
CTO & CO Founder
Sameera Jayasoma
Pradeep Fernando
Associate Technical Lead
Shameera Ratnayaka Manoj Kumara
Shameera Ratnayaka
Software Engineer
Manoj Kumara
Software Engineer
July 10 -24
July 10
Intro to the WSO2 Carbon platform and why it should be your choice for a middleware platform
July 17
How to extend WSO2 Carbon for your middleware needs
July 24
How to build a custom stack with WSO2 Carbon