The WSO2 Developer Studio is a complete Eclipse-based open source IDE that relieves developers of the day-to-day hassles associated with application development. Developers using WSO2 Developer Studio can build composite enterprise applications using a single, comprehensive tool that supports all application components. Studio helps you develop, deploy, test and debug both on-premise and Cloud applications.

Join the WSO2 Developer Studio team for this three part webinar series for a technical deep dive into the WSO2 Developer Studio, its features and functionality and its performance as a one stop tooling solution.

Harshana Martin
Harshana MartinSenior Software Engineer
Viraj Rajaguru
Viraj RajaguruSoftware Engineer
Kalpa Senanayaka
Kalpa SenanayakaSoftware Engineer
Jasintha Dasanayake
Jasintha DasanayakeSoftware Engineer
Melan Nimesh
Melan NimeshSoftware Engineer
  • January 30
  • WSO2 Product Release Webinar:
  • Introducing WSO2 Developer Studio - Tools for SOA Developers
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  • February 06
  • Enterprise Use Case Webinar:
  • Composite Enterprise Application Development with the WSO2 Developer Studio
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  • February 20
  • WSO2 Product Release Webinar:
  • Introducing the WSO2 Developer Studio Graphical Composition Tool for the WSO2 ESB
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