Organizations today need to be lean, agile and able to innovate according to changes in the markets they serve, the technology they adopt and internal business requirements. An agile IT infrastructure is key to building an innovation driven organization.

The concept of New IT is all about building an agile IT infrastructure. A responsive IT infrastructure help foster innovation across an organization. Join WSO2's leadership team on this webinar series as they explain how your organization can move to the New IT concept, how to get there and how WSO2 can help re invest your business's IT domain.


John Mathon Paul Fremantle Chris Haddad
John Mathon
VP, Product Marketing
Paul Fremantle
Co-founder & CTO
Chris Haddad
VP, Technology Evangelism
April 23
Reinventing Enterprise IT
Around APIs and Apps
May 1
The New It - Your Milestone Plan
May 7
New IT Steps to Accelerate Agility