Security Webinar Series

May 03 - June 02 | 2016

In this previously conducted webinar series WSO2 experts showed the importance of enterprise security and explored how WSO2 can help you secure your enterprise. Want to learn more? Watch the recordings below!

Watch the recordings of this series below

WSO2 Security Platform: Vision and Roadmap

In this webinar Prabath Siriwardana, the director of security at WSO2, will discuss WSO2’s security platform, explore challenges faced and solution patterns when implementing it and conclude with its vision and roadmap.

End-to-End Identity Management

In this webinar Darshana Gunawardana and Harsha Thiramanna, senior software engineers at WSO2, will discuss why end-to-end identity management is required, its challenges, and how to overcome them with WSO2 Identity Server.

WSO2 Guest Webinar: WSO2 Identity Server: Adding Hardware Security Module Without Breaking the Bank

This webinar will be jointly presented by Rob Blaauboer, a senior business consultant and solution architect at Yenlo, Jerrod Chong, the vice president of solutions engineering at Yubico, and Ishara Karunarathna, a senior software engineer at WSO2. They will introduce Yubico’s hardware security module (YubiHSM) and discuss how WSO2 Identity Server enhances its functionality.

Challenges and Best Practices in Securing APIs

In this webinar Dulanja Liyanage, an associate technical lead at WSO2, and Isura Karunaratne, a senior software engineer at WSO2, will discuss the challenges of securing APIs, best practices to resolve them and how the WSO2 platform can help you.

Patterns and Antipatterns in Enterprise Security

In this webinar Johann Nallathamby, a technical lead at WSO2, and Malithi Edirisinghe, a senior software engineer at WSO2, will deep dive into enterprise security patterns and antipatterns, explore the importance of using them and discuss how to apply them with WSO2 Identity Server

Building a Larger Ecosystem Around WSO2 Identity Server with Connectors

In this webinar Malaka Silva, a senior technical lead at WSO2, and Thanuja Jayasinghe, a senior software engineer at WSO2, will describe WSO2 Identity Server’s extension architecture through connectors and demonstrate how to do multifactor authentication and user provisioning.