Solution Architecture Best Practices
Webinar Series

In this webinar series WSO2 experts aim to educate architects on best practices in API management, lean deployment, data management and digital transformation. The previously held webinars also discussed enterprise integration, business process management, security, IoT and analytics.

Nov 15 - Dec 01 | 2016

Watch the recordings of this series below

In this webinar Asanka Abeysinghe, the vice president of solutions architecture at WSO2, will give a primer on your digital transformation journey. He will explore how to expose internal services as APIs, while governing your data and adapting lean devops processes.

In this webinar Nipun Suwandaratna, a senior solutions engineer at WSO2, will dicuss how the WSO2 platform can help deal with common enterprise data requirements such as data as service transactions, aggregation of corporate entities and management of fragmented data sources to build an efficient enterprise data management strategy.

In this webinar Nuwan Bandara, an associate director and solutions architect at WSO2, and Nadeesha Gamage, an associate lead solutions engineer at WSO2, will explore why enterprises should make API management coexist in its IT landscape. It will also examine how to create an API-first design.

In this webinar Chathura Kulasinghe, a senior solutions engineer at WSO2, and Eranga Perera, a senior technical lead at WSO2, will explore how you can gain a competitive advantage by reducing time to market, using resources efficiently, automating and increasing responsivness with the use of WSO2 products.