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Accelerate your startup's success with WSO2

Our SaaS products enable you to rapidly build, deploy, manage, and secure cloud native apps. We'll cover your ongoing costs for the first 12 months*, giving you the flexibility to invest in growth, while our expert support helps you navigate any challenges.

* Choreo and Asgardeo credits are valid for 12 months from the time of approval. Depending on the product usage, you may finish the credits before that period ends.

Are You an Early-Stage Startup Building a Mobile or Web App?

WSO2’s cloud offerings — Choreo and Asgardeo — provide the technology you need to get off the ground in a day, instead of weeks or months.

Go-to-Market Faster

Go-to-Market Faster

Reuse our B2C and B2B sample app code, which has all the functionality needed in a cloud native application.

Get Expert Advice

Get Expert Advice

Connect with experienced solutions architects who will help you identify requirements and work on a PoC.

Reduce TCO

Reduce TCO

Get free Choreo and Asgardeo credits that can be used towards component or infrastructure costs. Reduce the number of tools you need to build your solutions.

What Benefits Will You Get?

FREE access to the Choreo Pay-as-You-Go Tier1 and all capabilities available $18,000 in Choreo credits
(this includes component2 charges + any infrastructure costs3)

Valid for
12 months

FREE access to the Asgardeo Professional Tier4, and all capabilities available $15,000 in Asgardeo credits
(roughly up to 5000 B2C MAUs5, 1000 B2B MAUs, or 50 B2E employees
1:1 time with a senior architect who can identify challenges/requirements and see how Choreo/Asgardeo can help your organization, help with a PoC.
Basic support worth $2,100 for 3 months.
1 Choreo tiers.
2 Components include APIs, microservices, integrations, etc.
3 Infrastructure costs include vCPU, RAM, storage, ingress and egress, and network charges.
4 Asgardeo tiers.
5 Monthly active users.

Technology Stack

You can choose which technology suits your requirement from the stack below:


An internal developer platform designed to accelerate the creation of digital experiences. Build, deploy, monitor, and manage your cloud native applications in any language. Use AI to accelerate every part of your product development while your team focuses on innovation.

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A SaaS IAM solution that delivers easy, frictionless, and secure authentication journeys and powerful user management across your applications for consumers, B2B SaaS or partners, workforce, and APIs.

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An open-source, cloud native programming language optimized for integration with a rich ecosystem of network protocols, data formats, connectors, and built-in visual capabilities. You can deliver 2-3x faster using Ballerina instead of other languages like NodeJS, Java, or Python.

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Already Have Cloud Credits?

You can maximize your savings by using your Azure, AWS, or GCP cloud credits for Choreo’s infrastructure costs, in addition to the Choreo credits you receive via this offer.

Our commitment to transparencyensures that all infrastructure costs are directly passed on to you without any hidden charges.

Get the most from your technology stack by combining your cloud credits.



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The financial saving it represents for my startup is considerable. However, the true value is in the WSO2 team's expertise and the deeply hands-on approach they take to getting you up and running on their platforms."

Richard Davis, Founder, Top Marks AI

Apply via F6S — a global founder community — with information about your startup. We will review your application and eligibility and get back to you within 2-3 business days.