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Our session

Scalable Realtime Analytics with declarative SQL like Complex Event Processing Scripts

The talk described how to do realtime analytics with a SQL like query language. Srinath explained the role of Complex Event Processing in realtime analytics, and discussed a scalable CEP engine that let users write their queries using declarative SQL like CEP query language, and that lets them execute those queries using a graph of CEP nodes deployed on top of Apache Storm.



Srinath Perera
Dr.Srinath Perera
Director Research

Dr. Srinath Perera overlooks the overall WSO2 platform architecture, where he specializes in Web services and distributed systems, specifically working with aspects of data, scale, and performance. Srinath is a co-founder of Apache Axis2, a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and the Apache Web Service Project Management Committee (PMC). Additionally, he has authored many academic and technical publications, including the books “Hadoop MapReduce Cookbook” and “Instant MapReduce Patterns – Hadoop Essentials How-to.”