In June 2013, WSO2 donated the PaaS framework, Stratos, to Apache, with the intention to foster a vendor-neutral open cloud community that supports heterogeneous cloud environments and protects against cloud lock-in. The project graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a Top-Level Project (TLP) in May 2014, and is supported by developers from SUSE, Cisco, Citrix, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Sungard and Engine Yard.

Main components donated to Apache include:

  • Stratos Controller, Elastic Load Balancer and Cloud Controller
  • Stratos Foundation Services – messaging, logging and security
  • Pre-built cartridges: MySQL, PHP and Tomcat.

For more details on Apache Stratos see

WSO2 continues to offer a customized PaaS solution based on Apache Stratos.
See WSO2 Private PaaS.

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Stratos Project
What is WSO2 donating to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)?

WSO2 is donating the WSO2 Stratos PaaS Controller & Foundation; and cartridges for PHP, MySQL and Tomcat. WSO2 Carbon Middleware cartridges which can be plugged into Stratos to provide multi-tenant ESB, App Server, API Management, etc. are not part of the donation, however all of these will continue to be available under the Apache 2.0 license for download from the WSO2 web site. Other developers can create their own cartridges, often in less than a day. This will facilitate the ability to cloud-enable the many Apache projects widely used by developers today.

Why is this an important move for the IT industry?

The Apache Stratos project marries the vendor-neutral and inclusive governance process evolved by the ASF to the domain of PaaS. PaaS offers an opportunity to build a strong ecosystem of vendors, users, and options to enable the broadest set of capability and flexibility. Having an established PaaS foundation such as Stratos form the core of an industry standard under the fair and favorable Apache License and governance model advances the options available for meeting business innovation needs.

What is the benefit to the Apache Software Foundation?

The ASF is home to many of the premier advanced technologies driving innovation in the internet today. As the industry moves increasingly towards solutions that are real-time, instantly accessible, infinitely scalable, secure and trustworthy, and managed with care and analytical insight, interest in cloud technologies has correspondingly increased. Stratos is a keystone technology that brings the benefits of cloud to the breadth of platforms offered at Apache and elsewhere, bringing new technology, attention and community to Apache, as well as offering new ways for the industry to leverage existing Apache projects.

How does WSO2 benefit from this?

WSO2 has always worked very closely with the Apache Community. When we wanted to raise the momentum of our already open source PaaS, the ASF was the obvious choice as Stratos is driven by developers who are committers on many other Apache projects. The donation is aimed at attracting open community members from the following constituencies:

  • Organizations adopting Private PaaS deployment within an enterprise and accelerating enterprise application deployment.
  • PaaS providers relying on a PaaS framework to build a PaaS that is customized to their particular vertical industry, ecosystem, or internal development processes.
  • SaaS providers requiring a widely-deployed and supported elastic, multitenant Cloud-native platform.
  • ISPs offering hosted application services with higher resource utilization capabilities than provided by IaaS layers.
  • IaaS vendors providing higher-level PaaS services to their customers.
  • Analytics, data, integration, and application server vendors adding cloud capabilities to their products through Stratos Cartridges.