An effective SOA deployment relies heavily on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) It acts as the core of your SOA infrastructure and provides capabilities to cater to all enterprise integration requirements.

Join the WSO2 ESB team on this three part webinar series as they discuss the fundamentals of an ESB, how to integrate REST with the WSO2 ESB and why it should be part of your organizations SOA infrastructure.

Dushan Abeyruwan
Dushan AbeyruwanSenior Software Engineer
Pamod Sylvester
Pamod SylvesterSoftware Engineer
Ravi Undupitiya
Ravi UndupitiyaSoftware Engineer
Isuru Udana
Isuru UdanaSoftware Engineer
Ishan Jayawardena
Ishan JayawardenaSoftware Engineer
Jeewantha Dharmaparakrama
Software Engineer
  • May 16
  • Enterprise Integration With the WSO2 ESB - An Introduction to the Fundamentals
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  • May 29
  • Enterprise Use Case Webinar
  • WSO2 ESB Integration with REST
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  • June 04
  • WSO2 Advantage Webinar
  • Why the WSO2 ESB should be part of your SOA infrastructure
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