WSO2 Product Release webinar - WSO2 Carbon 4.3 - Tuesday, November 11, 2014

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 11 Nov, 2014

WSO2 Carbon is a complete, OSGi-based platform. The WSO2 Carbon core framework functions as “Eclipse for servers” and includes common capabilities shared by all WSO2 products such as built-in registry, user management, transports, security, logging, and more.

WSO2 Carbon has redefined the middleware space by providing an integrated and componentized middleware platform that adapts to specific enterprise needs - on premise or in the cloud, and is 100% open source and standards based. The unique design and architecture of WSO2 Carbon will enable businesses to

  • Adopt new parts of the WSO2 platform with minimum disruption.
  • Fit the platform architecture according to the current business and IT architecture.
  • Reap the benefit of shorter learning curves and accelerated delivery by means of shared platform components that are re-used across products.

Join Kasun Gajasinghe, Senior Software Engineer at WSO2, to learn about the features and functionality of the latest release of the WSO2 Carbon platform. He will cover

  • Carbon Clustering improvements - Hazelcast version upgrades, and stabilization efforts.
  • SVN-based Deployment Synchronizer improvements.
  • Plugable log providers for LogViewer UI.
  • Tenant deletion support.
  • Using Java Security Manager with Carbon multi-tenancy.
  • CApp and artifact ghost deployment improvements.
  • Global cluster cache invalidation on remote Greg mounts.
Kasun Gajasinghe Senior Software Engineer, WSO2 Kasun joined WSO2 in December 2011. He is a senior software engineer and focuses on the development efforts of WSO2 Carbon. In addition to his product development efforts he has provided technology consulting for several onsite customer engagements.
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