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Enabling Data-Driven Scania Through Integration Transformation and Data Sharing With WSO2 API Manager

This presentation explores the vision and challenges around the API-first approach, implementation of WSO2 API Manager, and the potential future roadmap.

Building an Interactive API Marketplace

This session will present the capabilities of an API marketplace, how it can be used for all APIs at different levels in an organization, and how it easily falls into place in an Integrated API Supply Chain.

CIAM and Securing the Integrated API Supply Chain

In this talk, Johann will explain why customer IAM is an integral part of digital transformation, the pillars that make up CIAM, and how it fits in the digital integrated supply chain.

Keynote: Moving to a Value Chain from a Supply Chain

In this session, we’ll take a unique look at value chains and how value flows in the API supply chain for products.

Unified Endpoint Management APIs for Enterprise Devices

The Entgra IoT Platform was formerly known as the WSO2 IoT Platform and it is now developed and supported by the same team that nurtured in at WSO2 under Entgra brand.

Creation of New Digital Services in the World’s Leading Tourism Company

TUI is the world's leading tourism company with more than 70k employees worldwide, 150 aircrafts, 17 cruise ships, and more than 300 hotels.

Creating Smart Endpoints Using Integration Microservices

In this session, Senaka will explore some key integration patterns for building integration microservices.

Accelerate and Secure Services Integration With WSO2 API Manager

The discussion also explores how an API strategy can accelerate new service delivery and integration with partners, facilitating access to new business avenues.

APIs: The Products of the 21st Century

In this session, Sanjeewa will talk about six key points that will be valuable for API product managers and architects to bring in a product mindset to APIs within their organizations.

Healthy APIs

This talk will provide an overview of the value of APIs in the health and wellness industry, exploring how the growth in health and wellness related apps (specifically wearables) is driving innovation in this industry and how APIs are further enabling market growth - within the Vitality program and in the industry overall.