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Get the most out of XML processing with AXIOM

Going beyond a typical XML object model the AXis Object Model, AXIOM, is revolutionizing XML processing technology. AXIOM was designed to be lightweight with a low memory foot print, combining deferred building with a customizable object model. In this article Eran Chinthaka gives a brief overview about the object model that fuels Axis2.

Web Services Messaging with Apache Axis2: Concepts and Techniques

As Web service Messaging becomes important in constructing loosely coupled systems, the Apache Axis2 architecture does not assume any particular form of interaction. From any type of message exchange pattern to synchronous/asynchronous behavior, Axis2 is built to support it all.

Use Apache Sandesha to support Web services implementation

Apache Sandesha is the implementation of the WS-ReliableMessaging protocol and sits on top of Axis, the Apache Web services core engine. As Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) gain momentum, the need for robust communication is a key factor. Jaliya Ekanayake delves in to reliable messaging architectures in this article about Apache Sandesha.