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Enabling Business Agility for Digital Experience Through API Management

WSO2 API Manager is one of the important middleware applications that works as a common gateway for the exchange of data and standardizes communication patterns for external and internal applications.

APIs: The Products of the 21st Century

In this session, Nuwan will talk about six key points that will be valuable for API product managers and architects to bring in a product mindset to APIs within their organizations.

Having the Best Technology Isn’t Everything

Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last ten years that new, unsolved use cases are not really our challenges anymore.

The Integrated API Supply Chain

In this session, Asanka will outline our vision of the IASC, identify five key patterns for success, and give a blueprint for creating a digital business based on API products.

Pre-Project Evaluation With WSO2 Products

Executive Summary

When your team starts pre-project evaluation work writing a project charter for a stakeholder pitch, there are certain elements that help you plan the project and determine the effectiveness of the project before moving forward with it. The potential cost is one of them.

Building a Cloud-Native API Management Architecture With CI/CD

Executive Summary

Moving from a centralized API management architecture to a decentralized one is essential for modern consumers and businesses. This article explores the following in detail:

Reference Architecture on Implementing TRA and SCA Exemptions

Executive Summary

  • Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) for PSD2 mandates the use of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to ensure security in remote payments as frauds have been identified as the main threat.
  • SCA Exemptions and Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) defined in RTS ensures that strong customer authentication is applied without impacting user experience.

Why Banks Should Consider Becoming Third Party Providers

Executive Summary

  • Open banking regulations introduced standards that opened the door for many fintechs to enter the market as third party providers.
  • Fintechs provide innovative applications to solve modern banking problems and are now functioning as a new front face for consumers.
  • In such a context, financial institutions can either become innovative or partner with these fintechs to remain competitive in the open banking world.


Panel Discussion With Higher Education Industry Experts on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no stranger to the higher education sector. As a result of the ongoing pandemic and increased reliance on distance learning platforms, the need for digital transformation has intensified now more than ever. Higher education institutions that are future-oriented and innovative need to place a greater emphasis on enterprise integration and API management technologies to provide seamless learning experiences by connecting faculty members, students, and parents.

A Primer on OAuth2 for Client-Side Applications: Part 4

This is the final article of my four part series on OAuth2 for client side applications (CSAs). I started this series by discussing the broader categories of CSAss and their legacy, more recent authentication and API authorization standards, and their pros and cons.