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Not Just Microservices: Rightsize Your Services!

Microservice architecture has gained popularity due to its promise of agility, scalability, and granularity. Many organizations adopt this style when modernizing their application architectures. However, blindly adopting microservices can lead to chaos, overly complex architecture, and management overhead. As a result, some organizations are consolidating services into larger modules.


Open Source to SaaS

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for seamless integration between systems are paramount. This presentation delves into the journey of C&D, a startup with a vision to build a world-class integration hub. Facing the challenges of integrating with ERPs and navigating the complexities of startup life, C&D found a solution in Choreo, offering speed, support, and scalability.


AI Insights: Expert Panel Discussion


Panel Discussion: Digital Government and Public Sector Innovation

Governments around the globe are digitizing their processes to ensure they deliver an efficient, effective and seamless experience to citizens. The panel looks at how governments have progressed on their digital journeys thus far and also discusses how this space will evolve in the next 2-3 years. Topics covered include public-private partnerships, digital ID, digitization strategies, and open data.