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[WSO2Con EU 2018] The Rise of Streaming SQL

This session will look at trends in stream processing, how streaming SQL has become a standard, the advantages of streaming SQL, ease of development with streaming SQL, business value of streaming SQL and its related tools, and scalable deployment of streaming SQL.

[WSO2Con EU 2018] An Emerging Architecture Pattern for Agile Integration: Cell-based Architecture

In this keynote, Asanka will introduce the "cell-based" reference architecture, which is API-centric, cloud-native and microservices-friendly.

[WSO2Con EU 2018] Managing Transactions in Your Microservice Architecture

In this session, we will look at an approach developed by WSO2 to address the challenges of transaction management for microservices.

[WSO2Con EU 2018] Adaptive and Iterative Integration for Microservices and Cloud Native Architectures

This session will discuss conventional centralized integration, the role of integration in microservices, microservice integration patterns and hybrid architecture with centralized vs. decentralized integration for brownfield enterprises

[WSO2Con EU 2018] Blockchain in the Business API Ecosystem: API Consumption Pricing Using Smart Contracts

[WSO2Con EU 2018} Unlocking Innovation with API Management While Breaking Down the Monolith

[WSO2Con EU 2018] Simplifying Digital Transformation with an "API Aware" Mindset

[WSO2Con EU 2018] How WSO2 Helps Proximus Achieve Their IT Transformation Ambitions

[WSO2Con EU 2018] How to Create User Comfort with SSO

[WSO2Con EU 2018] GDPR Compliance and IAM Services in a European Municipality