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Making Real-Time Applications Simpler with WSO2 Stream Processor

Sample Siddhi Query
Stream Processing Studio
Status Dashboard
Managed Business Rules UI
Interactive Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard

This article discusses the challenges of first-generation stream processing solutions and further presents how WSO2 Stream Processor is implemented, the problems it solves, and why it should be your choice for real-time stream processing.

[Screencast] JMS Producer with WSO2 Message Broker

In this screencast Maheeka, an associate technical lead at WSO2, will discuss how you can use WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus to publish a message to WSO2 Message Broker using a JMS publisher service.

[Screencast] Access Control Support for API Publisher of WSO2 API Manager

This screencast will explore how to enable access control for the API Publisher in WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0. This feature allows to restrict the ability to view and modify APIs for a set of users.

Defining a Winning GDPR Strategy Part 2 - 7 Steps for GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a great challenge for any business organization that processes personal data of individuals living in the EU. Those who understand the GDPR regulations well and are early adopters have a much better chance of not just meeting the compliance date but also creating new opportunities and expanding their business horizon. This article outlines a 7-step plan on how to execute a GDPR compliance strategy for any business organization.

Defining a Winning GDPR Strategy Part 1 - Introduction to GDPR

GDPR is a new set of legal regulations formalized in the European Union that will come into effect from May 2018. This regulation affects any organization which processes personal data of individuals who live in Europe and is required to be compliant. This article introduces GDPR and explores how it’s different from previous privacy directives. Furthermore, the basic building blocks of GDPR regulations including privacy principles supported in GDPR, individual rights, the data protection officer, and data protection impact analysis will be discussed.

Monitoring WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Logs and Statistics with Elastic Stack (ELK Stack)

This article introduces implementations to monitor logs and statistics of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, using the Elastic Stack (previously ELK stack). In-depth explanations of a step-by-step guide to setting up the Elastic Stack (with and without enabling X-Pack and SSL), configuring it to read the EI logs, deploying a client program to collect and publish message flow statistics, and visualizing them in dashboards are also covered in this article.

How to do Blue-green Deployments and Canary Releases with WSO2 API Manager

Canary release for WSO2 API Manager

When a system upgrade is performed it’s a common requirement to avoid any down time. Usually, to address this use case, system admins and DevOps follow blue-green, canary deployments to roll out updates. In this article, we will discuss how to blue-green canary releases in WSO2 API Manager deployment context.

[WSO2Con EU 2017] Panel Discussion: Tackling the Realities of PSD2 and Open Banking

This panel discussion will explore the challenges of PSD2 and Open Banking and how to overcome them and go beyond compliance.