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[WSO2Con EU 2017] Panel Discussion: Tackling the Realities of PSD2 and Open Banking

This panel discussion will explore the challenges of PSD2 and Open Banking and how to overcome them and go beyond compliance.

[Blog Post] Running Your API Business

Are you an API provider who is interested in growing your API community? Creating new business opportunities? Or simply interested in making some revenue from your API community for your APIs? Then you have come to the right place.

[Blog Post] Are you stuck in the old age with your legacy SOAP service?

In this blog Amila explores how WSO2 API Cloud can help you expose your SOAP services as RESTful APIs.

[WSO2Con EU 2017] Writing Microservices Using MSF4J

Microservice architecture (MSA) is fast becoming a popular pattern in today's agile enterprises. Its iterative architectural approach and development methodologies are attracting the interest of architects and developers who need to ensure continuous, agile delivery and flexible deployment of complex, service-oriented applications. In this session, we take a look at how Microservices Framework for Java can be used to develop and deploy MSA solutions.

[WSO2Con EU 2017] Creating Composite Services Using Ballerina

To implement most business use cases, it is required to reuse existing services. Writing everything from scratch isn’t practical or efficient. A composite service is a coarse-grained service which reuses the functionality exposed by other services. This session will explore how implementing composite services using Ballerina is straightforward as it has all the features required to implement various types of composite services.

[WSO2Con EU 2017] Microservices for Enterprises

Microservice architecture (MSA) is fast becoming a popular architecture pattern in today’s agile enterprises. Its iterative architecture and development methodologies are attracting the interest of architects who need continuous delivery to fulfill business needs. But, is every characteristic of MSA new or even pragmatic? Can MSA alone help you solve your enterprise challenges? This session will explore how middleware plays a key role in successful MSA-based implementations.

[WSO2Con EU 2017] How API Management at Suva is Helping in Reducing Costs to Our Customers

Suva, the main provider of compulsory accident insurance in Switzerland, used API management to reduce internal costs for handling cases and customer costs through higher business process automation. This session shares insights on setting up the Suva Digital Platform to production readiness.

[WSO2Con EU 2017] The Win-Win-Win of Water Authority HHNK

WSO2 technology enabled HHNK to create an online portal for citizens to check and pay tax statements directly. The results were amazing - HHNK received payments on tax statements sooner and irreversible due to increased usability. Additionally, they spend less effort on collection, they received fewer phone calls, and they received less mail. Underneath, the WSO2 API Manager, ESB, and DSS did all the intelligent work.