[Blog Post] WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Management makes Android enterprise ready!

  • By Kasun Delgolla
  • 22 Oct, 2013

Android invaded the world of mobility in less than 6 years from its inception by introducing a series of smart phones from a set of leading vendors. But when it comes to the enterprise, Android is still a novice. Most of the analyzers say that Android is still not “Enterprise Ready”. When we compare Android as a platform against Blackberry and iOS, RIM made Blackberry, the role model in enterprise even though it lacks a good user experience compared to the consumer optimized Android. Apple has become the app leader with its extremely tough process off app reviewing and quality monitoring in its app store. Nevertheless, Android has several immediate advantages too.

Looking at prices of these devices, Android surpases iOS, especially in BYOD programs. Having a large number of vendors and numerous devices with an interestingly customizable operating system, Android looked more powerful. Some of these vendors provide completely customized devices for enterprises. This gives Android in a unique position with most analysts predicting Android’s taking over the leadership in the enterprise. As mentioned earlier, Android is still in it’s infant stages. At present, iOS is the enterprise leader outshining Blackberry and Android.

However, if open-source technologies such as Android need to emerge and win battles against other warriors, they will always require innovation and means of eliminating bottlenecks. And of course Android requires a solid approach to win the enterprise battle!
WSO2’s Enterprise Mobility Management platform provides simple but powerful set of components that can enhance Android’s enterprise experience and make it more meaningful. WSO2’s EMM Platform provides simple solutions to address these challenges, eliminating unnecessary and useless features that discourage BOYD policies.

  • WSO2 MDM(Mobile Device Managenment) for Android
  • Containerization Solutions for Android
  • Enterprise App Management

WSO2 MDM solution enables secure over-the-air configuration of WiFi, Email, Password policy as well as essential operations such as enterprise wipe. It seamlessly connects with WSO2 MAM to make the enterprise app space efficient, also enforcing and monitoring BYOD policies for the enterprise. In a simple case of a policy violation, we can take an example of an employee installing a blacklisted application on the device and using within the corporate environment. This would be captured by MDM policy monitoring mechanism and WSO2 MDM Agent application warns the user about the app and requests him/her to remove it from the device. It acts wisely without distracting personal mobility experience. All these features can be enabled on a particular device simply by installing MDM Agent application and enrolling to the WSO2 MDM.

WSO2 EMM platform handles email containerization by integrating Nitrodesk TouchDown activesync secure email client. It gives the user a totally secured corporate email experience which enables over-the-air email configuration (through MDM), DLP (Data Loss Prevention), attachment encryption as well as secure wipe. TouchDown email client will be tightly integrated with WSO2 MDM so that it can be fully controlled through the MDM server.

In another scenario we can take an employee who uses his own mobile device for enterprise usage. In an event the employee suddenly terminates his employment and still carries extremely confidential information related to the company, MDM admin can simply send an enterprise wipe command which wipes off the entire email container with it’s data as well as configuration. That’s just a single use case of what WSO2 MDM is capable of. With its upcoming releases WSO2 MDM will introduce its Application and content containerization solutions. This will further strengthens its powerful, open-source enterprise mobility platform that drives the enterprise mobility towards a whole new direction.