29 May, 2024 | 3 min read

Simplifying Authentication Flow Configuration with Login Flow AI in Asgardeo

  • Nuthara Andrahennedi
  • Intern - SE - WSO2

What is Asgardeo?

WSO2’s Asgardeo offers an innovative SaaS open source solution for identity and authentication management, providing seamless user management and login configuration across all your applications. Asgardeo combines cutting-edge technology with robust security, ensuring a simplified yet secure user experience

When developing your application, significant time and effort are needed to build secure authorization and user management functionality. Asgardeo eliminates this burden by allowing you to integrate it into your application, handing over the complete authentication process. This enables you to focus on the core aspects of your application

What is Login Flow AI?

For almost every application, whether it is commercial or internal, it has become a necessity to have an authentication process. Authentication requirements highly depend on the application’s usage and its context. Therefore, authentication flows for each of these applications are highly customizable. If you are implementing a complex authentication flow using Asgardeo or any other platforms, it requires quite a bit of knowledge of the product such as built-in utility functions, object references, etc. Here is where Login Flow AI comes in handy.

Login Flow AI is an NLP-driven authentication flow generation tool in Asgardeo. With it, you can easily specify your login requirements in natural language and let the AI-powered login flow generator set up authentication configurations for you. All you have to do is describe your desired authentication flow for the application, including authenticators and conditional authentication in natural language.

Login Flow AI feature incorporates OpenAI GPT 3.5 model within a RAG-based architecture.

Try it

  1. Login to Asgardeo and click on the Application section in the menu and select the application you want to configure the authentication flow.

  2. Navigate to the Login Flow tab and click Try Login Flow AI.

  3. Give the login scenario you require in the input section and press Enter.

  4. Wait for the generation process to finish.

  5. After successful completion, you will get the generated authentication flow populated in the visual editor and the conditional script in the conditional authentication section.

  6. Check and verify if the generated login flow meets your requirements and whether the script is accurate as per your knowledge because Login Flow AI can make mistakes. After verifying, click the Update button to add the generated configurations to your application.

You can generate a customized authentication flow uniquely tailored to meet your requirements using Login Flow AI experiencing a seamless configuration experience. Try Login Flow AI now on Asgardeo.