3 Sep, 2014

[WSO2Con EU 2014] Case Study: How WSO2 Helps Small and Medium Enterprises Adopt SOA

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Businesses want their needs to be answered and managed on demand. IT wants to offer real agility and be able to govern the IS. SOA is a solution. But budgets are low and people have already failed with some huge projects regarding this. Most SOA platforms create a huge change but WSO2 allows you to implement SOA without jeopardizing the IT Budget. This session will present an SOA perspective where you can use WSO2 to help a customer to achieve the two first levels towards SOA. Cyril will be explaining how to start an SOA from scratch, how to help customers that already have services but no SOA platform, how to seed SOA into legacy apps and the lean steps toward a managed SOA Solution.


Cyril Rognon CTO, Emoxa

He is a senior partner at Emoxa which is an innovative SOA consulting firm. He has 19 years of experience in Enterprise System Architecture. He is also the co-author of SOA “An Architect’s Guide”. He has helped customers to use SOA principles and tools to achieve business and IT agility.


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