3 Sep, 2014

[WSO2Con EU 2014] Case Study: SOA ‘a-la Russe

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Integration solutions and service-oriented architecture have been actively adopted in Russia in the last few years. Geographical dispersal of organizations, weak telecommunication channels and specific requirements of Russian laws apply additional constraints on integration architecture. This presentation will explore features of integration projects in Russia using examples of CROC projects in governmental and commercial organizations. It will show you how WSO2 solutions helped to build eGovernment in several Russian regions. Its goal is to share Russia’s experience in WSO2 implementation projects, discuss approaches to selling open source solutions in emerging markets and discuss differences between integration projects in governmental and commercial organizations.


Alexey Smirnov Head Of Integration Solutions Practice, CROC Inc.

Alexey has more than 7 years of experience in IT as a software and integration architect, project and program manager. Under management of Alexey large integration projects in Russia/CIS was implemented such as the ESB for Sberbank which was acknowledged as the largest integration solution in the world. As a head of integration solutions practice Alexey is responsible for new solutions in SOA and B2B integration and team and business development. He also supervises integration projects implemented by CROC.


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