WSO2 Carbon Studio: How to point to a non-anonymous endpoint from a sequence

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  • By Saminda Wijeratne
  • 21 Oct, 2010

Applies To

Projects: ESB, Carbon Studio


  • In a C-App project you have a sequence which to point to the endpoint "foobar".
  • This endpoint "foobar" which you want to point could be 
    •     case 1 - in the same C-App project as a endpoint configuration file
    •     case 2 - already deployed in an ESB server
    •     case 3 - present as a registry resource in the registry
    •     case 4 - present as part of the synapse configuration file where the sequence also resides.


  1. To call an Endpoint you may eventually add an "Send" Mediator. (Right click on sequence -> New Child -> Core -> Send)
  2. Right click on the added "Send" mediator -> New Child -> Endpoint Reference (Registry)
  3. Select the added "Endpoint" node
  4. If the "Properties" view is not already focused, double click on the "Endpoint" node which you just selected
  5. In the properties view you now need to change the "Endpoint Key" property value
  6. Click on the value of the property. A small button "..." will appear at the end of the text box
  7. Click on that button
  8. Registry Key Property editor dialog will open 
  9. In the dialog 
    • case 1 & 2,
      • Delete all the text in the "Key" text box
      • Type the name of the endpoint which you want to refer to (in the scenario it is "foobar").
    • case 3,
      • Use the "Browse Remote Registry" section in the dialog to browse and specify the path
    • case 4,
      • In "Select Local Entry" section select the endpoint.
  10. Click "OK".

Author : Saminda Wijeratne, Product Manager of WSO2 Tools, WSO2 Inc, [email protected]