How to Sign into StratosLive from GoogleApps Accounts

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  • By Yumani Ranaweera
  • 17 Oct, 2011


Signing in to is possible via the most simple user name and password option. As in the normal procedure, you can use these credentials after you are notified about the successful completion of registration at the site. But, StratosLive also opens you another sign-in option, which is, Sign-in via a Google Apps account. With Google Apps login you can directly use your Google Apps credentials at This option can be tried out by creating a sample Google Apps account and using it in StratosLive as intructed in this simple guide.

Pre-requisite : Google Apps account.


  1. Access StratosLive.

    • Access StratosLive from

    • In the home page there will be a sign-in button. Click that and you will be redirected to the login prompt for user name\password login and Google Apps login.

    • Click on 'Google Apps' button.


  2. Login to StratosLive via Google Apps.

    • When you click on 'Google Apps' button, it will ask you to enter google app domain name. Give your information here. (e.g. mine is

    • Remember you don't need to give the user name here. That is; you should NOT give domain name as [email protected]. That is not what it is asking.

    • Then it will take you to the google apps account where you will be prompt to give your google app's user name and password.

    • Once the credentials are validated you will be taken into StratosLive!!!


  3. Enjoy services at StratosLive with the users of your google apps account.

    • Once in StratosLive; If you go to Configure > Users & Roles in Stratos Manger, you will find all the users in your sample account there.

    • In StratosLive however, this intial usage plan is considered as a 'Demo' version. Therefore it restricts your user count to 1 excluding the admin user.

    • Due to this only you and another one user will be able to login at first.


  4. Upgrade your subscription.

    • To overcome the above, you can upgrade your usage plan easily.

    • Go to 'Configure' > 'Account' > 'Usage Plan Information' and update the usage plan.

    • The information about the level of facilities and related usage charges can be viewed from the 'Pricing Info' link next to the subscription type drop down.


  5. Enjoy StratosLive

    • Once upgraded to a higher usage plan, more than one user from your google apps account will be able to login to

    • Now we are fine to explore the services available in StratosLive !!!



Yumani Ranaweera, Associate Technical Lead, WSO2 Inc.