[WSO2 Summer School 2012] Adopting DevOps and Automating Governance - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

  • By Dasunpriya Anuradha Mallikarachchi
  • 10 Jul, 2012
Adopting DevOps and Automating Governance Webinar Recording

When teams adopt DevOps principles, they structurally improve development processes and create a flexible development environment. Automated governance augments DevOps to reduce risk and add project visibility. However, adopting modern best practices should not require teams to painfully leave existing tools and practices behind. WSO2 Stratos addresses these requirements by integrating with existing build management, continuous deployment, cloud management services, and registries to maintain tool chain compatibility while optimizing the cloud development experience. In this webinar, Chris Haddad will describe:

  • Why DevOps and automated governance are core platform as a service (PaaS) attributes
  • How WSO2 Carbon Archive assets can be automatically deployed across cloud instances
  • How WSO2 AppFactory can be used to approve and promote cloud applications across development, test and production clouds.
Chris Haddad
VP, Technology Evangelism

Chris works closely with developers, architects, and C-level executives, as well as WSO2’s engineering team to increase WSO2 middleware technology adoption, enhance the Carbon and Stratos platforms, and maximize customer value.

Senaka Fernando
Technical lead

Senaka is associate technical lead and the product manager of WSO2 Governance Registry. As an expert in SOA Governance Solutions, Senaka provides consultancy and training and conducts workshops for enterprise architects and developers on a regular basis.

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