WSO2 Customer Stories: Godel Technologies chooses WSO2 ESB

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  • 16 Jul, 2012

WSO2: Simon, you gave a great overview of the transport system you've been working on, and the evaluation of an ESB that would support that. What were some key considerations in making your decision?

SB: We needed to provide a platform that would be easily extensible and cater to any new services. Replacing legacy services with a structured environment, such as an ESB or other components, called for a platform that would be a foundation for the future. We needed high throughput, scalability, and most importantly—extensibility. After assessing various products on the marketplace, open source was obviously the way to go.

As part of the evaluation, we found that WSO2 far, far exceeded all of the other products that we evaluated at the time. And we found that it was by far the best fit to allow us to give all of the features that were required. The product is being used to provide the interfaces for all of the notifications and alerting systems for a major transport department in Europe—and also to plan journeys and provide all this information through the various mechanisms such as email, SMS text messaging and so on. So we had to make sure that the product that we selected had the capability to connect to all of these external utility services.

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