WSO2 Customer Stories: WSO2 ESB in eGovernment

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  • 16 Jul, 2012

WSO2: Maria, one of the things you mentioned was the importance of the extensibility and flexibility of the WSO2 middleware in helping you meet some of your requirements. Maybe you could tell us a little bit about that?

MB: We adopted the WSO2 ESB solution and extended it for our needs. For example, we have this authentication system, which we have written, and we needed it to be integrated with the ESB, so the ESB asks the user credentials and the user role with this system. We have written the mediator to call this system and call the answers, which was fairly easy. What else was done was we that had written a mediator to design messages, since the users wouldn't otherwise trust the messages produced by the ESB. We're doing abstract configurations and then we're just extending it with mediators or scripting. It's very helpful.

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