Enterprise Web Services Deployments: The Need For Speed

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  • By Afkham Azeez
  • 12 Aug, 2009

Are you looking for a way to easily add security, reliability and other Quality of Service (QoS) aspects to your enterprise deployments of Web services? Are inflexible and complex development environments making your job much harder than it should be?

If so, this webinar will show how your Web service development projects can be made much easier with the WSO2 Web Services Application Server (WSO2 WSAS).

Service hosting and creation is often seen as a burden to most Web service developers.  But with the WSO2 WSAS Management Console, complex configurations such as security policies can be applied in just a few clicks.  Even things like scalability, high availability, access throttling and response caching can be done within a few seconds.

Learn more about how you can accelerate your Web service deployments in this webinar presented by Afkham Azeez, lead architect for WSO2 WSAS. He will also demonstrate how to effectively use the WSO2 WSAS Management Console to deploy and configure Web services.

Download Sample Code for the Webinar (File Type: ZIP; File Size: 137kb)

Starts: Tuesday, August 18 2009 at 09:00 AM; Ends: 10:00 AM (PDT)
Presenter: Afkham Azeez

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