Fighting the Many-headed Hydra of Lock-in - Wednesday, 8th September

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  • By Dasunpriya Anuradha Mallikarachchi
  • 16 Aug, 2010

Lock-in is a good thing for software vendors - ensuring a captive customer base and premium revenue streams. But for software consumers, lock-in acts as a degenerative force over time. It can gradually lead to higher costs, lack of choice, barriers against agility and flexibility, and sometimes ultimately the loss of large investments.

Jonathan Marsh

Some consumers have found that after lopping off one head of the Hydra - one aspect of lock-in - two new heads grow back! Cloud computing promises to release consumers from some aspects of lock-in - such as high up-front license fees that force a commitment before a technology has been widely proven - but the cloud also introduces a wider and more convoluted surface for various types of lock-in to occur.

At WSO2, we've heard from many customers about their lock-in experiences and concerns, and taken them to heart in the development of WSO2 Carbon - a complete open source middleware platform - and WSO2 Stratos - the WSO2 Platform-as-a-Service for public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Join Jonathan Marsh, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing at WSO2 for this important Webinar. We'll share the range of concerns we've heard from the industry, and survey some of the new and sometimes subtle types of lock-in associated with cloud technologies. We'll offer strategies to protect your investments as you increase your adoption of cloud infrastructure and services.

Who should attend:

  • CIOs/CTOs developing cloud strategies
  • IT professionals
  • Software architects and developers

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Wednesday, 8th September 2010
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT
(American Audiences)
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