Using a Private Cloud to Automate and Govern Enterprise Development - Monday, 27th February 2012

  • By Dasunpriya Anuradha Mallikarachchi
  • 1 Jan, 2012

This webinar is designed to show how the application of a private cloud environment to the build, test, deployment and governance of internal applications can have a significant impact on productivity, management, governance processes and overall effectiveness of internal development. Aimed at architects, developers, team leaders and development management this webinar will take you through the steps and approach required to create a world-class development environment that centralizes common functions like build, test and code analysis into a cloud environment.

As Co-founder and CTO of WSO2, Paul spearheads the company’s overall technical and product strategy. Paul is an experienced software and product development professional, having previously worked as the product lead and architect for the IBM Web Services Gateway. Paul also has significant experience in Open Source and Open Standards: he is VP of Apache Synapse and co-chair of the OASIS WS-RX Technical Committee.

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