An Enhanced User Experience for Automobile Purchases with the WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway - Tuesday March 6, 2012

  • By Dasunpriya Anuradha Mallikarachchi
  • 2 Jan, 2012
  • There was no straightforward means to facilitate communication between the mobile application and AAA’s services and data storage layers.
  • There was a need for better means of accessing and reusing existing services
  • There was a need to ensure flexibility in business rules without the need to continually redeploy the application.

Join Jordan Corn, Director of Solutions Research and Ed Klichinsky, Solutions Architect at AAA along with Asanka Abeysinghe, Director Solutions Architecture and Miyuru Wanninayaka, Senior Software Engineer at WSO2 as they discuss the implementation of a communication path between a mobile app (specifically an iPhone app) and AAA Mid-Atlantic. The session will commence with an introduction of the challenges faced by AAA in the advancement of the mobile app. This will be followed by a detailed discussion of how the WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway was successful in overcoming these challenges.

Jordan Corn is Director of Solutions Research for IT at AAA Mid-Atlantic. His group is responsible for exploration and first implementation of new technologies, patterns, and designs, and has been instrumental in bringing SOA practices to the company. Jordan’s past experience includes enterprise architecture, knowledge management, and manufacturing automation. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree from Princeton University.

Ed Klichinsky is Manager of Mobile Development for IT at AAA Mid-Atlantic. His group is responsible for building mobile applications for AAA Mid-Atlantic employees and customers. His technical experience includes over 20 years of software development specializing in architectural design, development, testing and technical support.

Asanka, Director Solutions Architecture at WSO2, manages solutions architects and technical consultants. He is also the technical owner of customer engagements and solutions. He counts over 10 years industry experience working on projects ranging from desktop and web applications through to high scalable distributed systems and service-oriented architectures in the financial domain, mobile platforms and business integration solutions.

Miyuru, Senior Software Engineer is a member of the core WSO2 ESB team. His contribution to the WSO2 ESB team spans over 2 years and he has worked on various onsite and offshore enterprise integrations in different domains.

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