Expanding OEM Opportunities with WSO2 - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

  • By Kushlani De Silva
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  • 11 Jul, 2012

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WSO2 has a number of OEM customers, ranging from other platform vendors who need a specific component, to hardware vendors looking for a stack to ship with hardware, and of course software vendors looking for an SOA and Cloud enabled stack on which to build vertical applications. Why do they use WSO2? What differentiates WSO2 as an OEM platform from other options. These and other important questions will be answered in this webinar:

  • What is the WSO2 stack?
  • How have other companies OEM'ed WSO2?
  • What are the benefits of WSO2 as an OEM partner?
  • How does OEM work with Open Source?
  • What are the normal commercial approaches that WSO2 and OEM partners take together?

If you are a software vendor looking at WSO2 as an OEM partner this webinar will be invaluable to you!


Paul Fremantle
CTO & Co Founder

As WSO2’s co-founder and CTO, Paul Fremantle spearheads the company’s overall product strategy. Recognized by InfoWorld as a Top 25 CTO, Paul was responsible for simultaneously leading development of the groundbreaking WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and Apache Synapse ESB.


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