<-SM-> Joint Webinar with Eucalyptus - Building a Cloud Application Platform - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joint Webinar with Eucalyptus - Building a Cloud Application Platform - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 11 Jul, 2012

A Cloud application platform environment will enhance development team agility, lower security risk, streamline application management, and raise server efficiency. While Cloud application teams are familiar with using traditional virtual server tenancy to isolate applications, they realize at scale, virtual server tenancy environments quickly experience overcast cloud conditions. Cloud machine instance proliferation increases security risk, management burden, and operational expense. A Java container multi-tenant environment will provide greater Cloud scale while decreasing server count and lowering associated risk, burden, and expense.

Development and operation teams may have reservations about how to build a scalable, automated, multi-tenant environment enforcing security isolation, pooling database and user resources, and rapidly provision application environments. In this webinar, Chris Haddad and Paul Weiss will describe:

  • The cloud architecture components underpinning Cloud Native WSO2 Stratos and Eucalyptus Cloud.
  • How operation teams specify define resource sharing, partition tenants, and monitor service performance.
  • How to establish a run-time feedback loop between application and infrastructure.
  • Why Java container multi-tenancy increases tenant density and decreases cloud environment count.


Chris Haddad
VP, Technology Evangelism

Chris works closely with developers, architects, and C-level executives, as well as WSO2’s engineering team to increase WSO2 middleware technology adoption, enhance the Carbon and Stratos platforms, and maximize customer value. Previously, Chris led research teams at Burton Group and Gartner advising Fortune 500 enterprise organizations and technology infrastructure vendors on adoption strategies, architecture, product selection, governance, and organizational alignment.

Paul Weiss
Senior Cloud Engineer, Eucalyptus Systems

Paul Weiss is a Senior Cloud Engineer at Eucalyptus Systems working with Enterprise customers across the globe. He worked at VMware for over 3 years and has worked with virtualization products for many years. He has also worked as a VMware Specialist at a Premier VMware Partner, a Senior Systems Architect with a primary focus on large Sun environments, and as a Sun Certified Instructor. Paul has over 16 years of Enterprise IT experience and is certified in many solutions like Solaris, Red Hat and VMware. Paul also served in the U.S. Army for 15 years and is a Gulf War veteran.