WSO2 Advantage - Promoting Service Re-use with API Management - Tuesday, October 2, 2012

  • By Kushlani De Silva
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  • 3 Oct, 2012

API management is a strategic component within your Service Oriented Architecture initiative. Many development teams publish services, yet struggle to create a service architecture that is widely shared, re-used, and adopted across internal development teams. SOA governance programs often fall far short of encouraging consumer adoption, tracking service consumption, and illustrating business value. Too often, there is little or no insight into:

  • How to enable business functionality as an API.
  • Who is writing re-usable APIs and services.
  • Who is consuming APIs and services.
  • How APIs and services are being used.

In this session Chris will describe benefits gained by:

  • Publishing managed APIs for consumption within your organization.
  • Establishing API manager and publisher roles to foster API adoption.
  • Extending the service governance registry to encourage cross-team (or cross-department) communication, coordination and collaboration.
  • Overcoming common SOA anti-patterns of ‘Not Invented Here’ (NIH) and ‘Build, and Build Again’ by using an API Store.
  • Following an API roadmap focused on increasing service re-use and enhancing IT business value.
Chris Haddad VP, Technology Evangelism Chris Haddad joined WSO2 as vice president of technology evangelism in 2011. In this role, Chris is raising visibility, awareness, and knowledge of the unique advantages provided by WSO2’s lean, fully componentized, open source middleware for on-premise and the cloud.

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