<-SM-> WSO2 Product Release Webinar - Introducing the WSO2 Application Server 5.0.0 - Thursday, October 18, 2012

WSO2 Product Release Webinar - Introducing the WSO2 Application Server 5.0.0 - Thursday, October 18, 2012

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 18 Oct, 2012

WSO2 recently released version 5.0 of the WSO2 Application Server. The WSO2 Application Server is one of the more mature products in the WSO2 products platform and is a stable, cloud-enabled, proven Application Server with enterprise-scale Web service and web application hosting and management capability.

The latest version of the WSO2 Application Server now provides full JAX-WS/RS specification support via Apache CXF, so you can host all your JAX-WS and REST applications. It also includes support for hosting Jaggery Applications - Jaggery is the new server-side JavaScript framework for composing web applications.

In addition, here are some other key features of WSO2 Application Server:

  • Unified applications listing to manage web applications, JAX-WS/RS applications and Jaggery applications in one place.
  • Developing JAX-WS/RS applications via WSO2 Developer Studio.
  • Multi-tenancy in standalone deployment mode.
  • Ghost deployment for artifacts in standalone mode for faster services and applications deployment.
  • In-built JavaScript services support.
  • 100% Tomcat compliance runtime for more flexible and powerful control over Tomcat configurations.

To learn more about these features join Supun Malinga and Sagara Gunatunga on this live webinar. They will explain the features and functionality of the all new WSO2 Application Server and how it can help in your web application, Web service or REST service, hosting and managing projects.

Supun Malinga Software Engineer Supun joined WSO2 in September 2010.He is a software engineer in the Development technologies team where he mainly focuses on the development of the WSO2 Application Server.In addition to his product development effors supun has provided technology consulting on customer engadgements, including customer QuickStart programs.
Sagara Gunatunge Technical Lead Sagara joined WSO2 in May 2011. He is a Technical Lead in the development technologies team focusing on the WSO2 Application Server. Sagara specializes in J2EE, Spring, Web Service and enterprise integration related technologies.