<-SM-> Crafting Consumable APIs - Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crafting Consumable APIs - Thursday, November 29, 2012

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 29 Nov, 2012

A successful API ecosystem has several key players, scenarios, and outcomes - API creators create an API, Publishers prepare it for community usage, Application Developers/Partners discover APIs, subscribe, and start using them in their applications. Once these applications are installed for end users, usage of those applications invoke APIs underneath. This brings about the opportunity to collect statistics on API usage. These statistics make up the dashboard of your business through APIs. For example tracking for higher usage numbers would be a reason to starting thinking about scaling. Depending on the business value delivered, authentication needs of an API can vary as well.

Over time APIs will evolve from creating newer, better versions to finally reaching end of life. Similar to how a product is managed, APIs once published should be carefully managed and monitored. The WSO2 API Manager is designed to fully support such an ecosystem and is constantly evolving to serve more niche endpoints.

Presented by Sumedha Rubasinghe, Architect at WSO2, you should attend this webinar to learn how to create a successful API ecosystem by crafting consumable business APIs.

Sumedha Rubasinghe Architect Sumedha Rubasinghe joined the WSO2 in November 2006. He is a software architect and chair of the data technologies management committee, who focuses on development of the WSO2 Carbon Core, WSO2 Data Services, WSO2 Governance Registry, WSO2 Business Activity Monitor, and WSO2 API Manager. Sumedha has contributed to the successful implementation of data, SAP and repository-based integration projects, as well many WSO2 QuickStart development consulting engagements