How does the WSO2 App Factory Contribute to the Fast and Complete Delivery of a Solution - Thursday, March 28, 2013

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 28 Mar, 2013

Business organizations today look for enterprise IT platforms that can adapt themselves to business requirements as soon as the need arises. On demand application creation and agile software delivery is a crucial requirement in such an environment. WSO2 App Factory is the ideal solution for enterprises that need to create and manage applications while empowering Business as a Service.

In general, a business may need to expose their data (with certain restrictions) to their partners and enable partners to expose their data within the community. Around this data, both the parent business and the partners may need to develop applications and market them. Therefore it is vital, that the parent business possesses a platform, so that any partner organization can register and build their own applications and solutions on top of that. This is exactly what the WSO2 App Factory enables you to do as the parent business, thereby opening up endless opportunities.

Join Manisha Eleperuma and Manjula Rathnayaka on this final webinar in the WSO2 App Factory webinar series, as they discuss how the WSO2 App Factory handles

  • Creation of data services to expose data.
  • Publishing APIs for partners to discover.
  • Application development using APIs and publishing to an App Store.
  • SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and version controlling of applications.
  • Application discovery, subscriptions and purchasing.
  • Data analytics to CXOs.
  • Integrated development environment with existing systems as LDAP, JIRA, Redmine, and SVN.
  • Integrated testing environment.
Manisha Eleperuma Software Engineer Manisha joined WSO2 in September 2010. She is a software engineer in the cloud technologies team where she mainly focuses on WSO2 Stratos. In addition to her product development efforts she has also provided technology consulting on customer engagements, including customer QuickStart programs.
Manjula Ratnayaka Senior Software Engineer Manjula joined WSO2 in September 2010. He is a Senior software engineer and a member of the solution technology management committee where he mainly focuses on the WSO2 App Factory. In addition to his product development efforts he has also provided technology consulting on customer engagements, including customer QuickStart programs focused on cloud platform solutions.