<-SM-> Understanding the WSO2 Platform and Technology - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Understanding the WSO2 Platform and Technology - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 27 Mar, 2013

In this webinar, Paul Fremantle, CTO and Co-Founder of WSO2, will introduce the WSO2 Platform and Technology. The aim of this webinar is to provide both new and existing users of the WSO2 technologies an overview of our platform, the open source, and the core technologies.

Starting out with core OSGi runtime, WSO2 Carbon, Paul will delve into the main aspects: Application Hosting, Integration, API Management, Governance, Monitoring, Process Management, Identity and User Experience. From here, the webinar will explore Cloud approaches and what Cloud Native software is. Real use-cases and case studies will be used to demonstrate why a lean open source approach to enterprise middleware and enterprise architecture is more effective, better value and delivers ROI and value faster to organizations.

The webinar will include:

  • Understanding WSO2 Carbon.
  • Enterprise Integration in action.
  • API Management.
  • Governance, Monitoring and Identity.
  • WSO2 Stratos and App Factory.
  • Future directions.

The session is aimed at developers and architects looking to understand if WSO2's platform and technology can benefit their technical strategy and projects.

Paul Fremantle CTO & CO Founder, WSO2 As WSO2's co-founder and CTO, Paul Fremantle spearheads the company’s overall technology strategy. Recognized by InfoWorld as a Top 25 CTO, Paul was responsible for simultaneously leading development of the groundbreaking WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and Apache Synapse ESB. Paul has played a pioneering role in open source development, beginning with the original Apache SOAP project where he donated code to enable access to Enterprise JavaBeans. Paul also led IBM's involvement in the Axis C/C++ project. He currently is co-chair of the OASIS Web Services Reliable eXchange Technical Committee, as well as vice president of the Apache Synapse Project