<-SM-> Testing in an Open source Middleware Platform Space : The WSO2 Way - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Testing in an Open source Middleware Platform Space : The WSO2 Way - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 3 Apr, 2013

WSO2’s competitive advantage lies in the leanness of its product offering. The primary objective of the testing team is to ensure the products delivered are of high quality but within a short turnaround time. Adopting agile practices is key for any platform with multiple products and solutions.

The unique rotational policy adopted at WSO2, provides test engineers with the opportunity to understand the clients’ actual requirements as well as pain points. This is key input for the comprehensive test design. Taking ownership of an issue is a critical aspect of the test teams where test engineers have the opportunity to fix, build, deploy and release any issues reported.

In addition, deployment is a key task of WSO2 test teams where the deployment is undertaken on different patterns such as clustering, deployment synchronization, worker manager separation in multiple platforms and technologies. Cloud security testing is an integral part of the WSO2 test portfolio under the cloud space.

Join Iranga Muthuthanthri on this session as he focuses on the adaptation of agile test practices, methods and its challenges in an open source context at WSO2 . He will also discuss

  • The unique rotational model and its value addition to testing.
  • The different patterns of deployments required for middleware testing.
  • Cloud testing requirements in hosting a PaaS solution.
Iranga Muthuthanthri Technical Lead Iranga joined WSO2 in December 2012. He is a technical lead in the quality assurance technology group. With nearly ten years of experience in the practice of software quality assurance he has managed and led Quality Assurance teams in software service delivery and product development organizations. He is also specialized in the fields of software quality management and software test engineering. Additionally he has hands on experience of functional, integration, automation and performance testing on distributed cross platform enterprise solutions.