Big Data Storage Challenges and Solutions - Wednesday June 12, 2013

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 12 Jun, 2013

Any Big Data storage solution should be able to address three main issues - capacity, scalability and availability. A key issue in most big data solutions is the inability to predict storage capacity. In the long run storage capacity eventually transforms into a storage scalability problem. which means Data accessibility and availability will be adversely affected.

In storing large amounts of data, organizations need to think of the most most optimum data store for the data type. This leads to a polyglot data storage solution and make the solution more complex. Further, accessing large amounts of data can be quite unproductive therefore big data storage solution always have to be coupled with a summarize engine like hadoop backed Hive or Pig.

Storage capacity and the scalability need to be achieved in a sustainable manner by using commodity hardware solutions. Cassandra, HBase and HDFS are designed to run on commodity hardware and scale horizontally. Horizontally scalable support alway helps to achieve the required capacity in an economical way. Join Deependra Ariyadewa on this webinar as he explains how you can achieve capacity, scalability and accessibility of big data using the WSO2 Storage Server and WSO2 Business Activity Monitoring Server.

Deependra Ariyadewa Technical Lead Deependra Ariyadewa joined WSO2 in December 2005. He is a technical lead on the development technologies team, focusing on cloud computing and big data. Deependra brings more than ten years experience in system administration, specializing in information system security, peer-to-peer networks, virtualization, and data analytics.
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