Managing ESB Artifacts with the WSO2 Governance Registry - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 18 Jun, 2013

In any real-world environment, many organizations struggle to overcome managing their assets. These assets are used by various systems and are moved across several environments which makes the process of managing them extremely complex.

The WSO2 Governance registry addresses the complexity by providing an effective way of managing assets in various environments in a SOA. It provides the right level of structure to support SOA Governance, configuration governance, development process governance, design and run-time governance, lifecycle management, and team collaboration.

The WSO2 Governance Registry can be used to manage ESB assets at various stages. ESB artifacts such as WSDLs, Endpoints, proxy services, etc. are managed by the lifecycle management feature provided by the Governance Registry. It is also used to govern REST services, JSON services, SOAP services, Thrift services and its relevant artifacts (WSDLs, Endpoints...) in different stages of their lifecycle.

Join Eranda Suriyabandara and Sriragu Arudsothy on this webinar for a complete demonstration on how the WSO2 ESB can be used with the WSO2 Governance Registry to manage ESB assets, covering topics such as

  • How to define the lifecycle state.
  • How to promote/demote the ESB assets in-between the states.
  • Importance of check list during the state transition of assets.
  • ESB asset and its state transition by an example.
Eranda Sooriyabandara Software Engineer Eranda joined WSO2 in the fall of 2011. He is a software engineer in the integrations technologies team where he worked as the release manager for the WSO2 Governance Registry 4.5.3. In addition to his product development efforts he is also an active contributor to the Apache Derby and Apache Tuscany projects of the Apache Software Foundation.
Sriragu Arudsothy Senior Software Engineer Sriragu joined WSO2 in October 2012. He is a senior software engineer in the integration technologies team where he mainly focuses on the WSO2 Governance Registry. During his MSc at the University of Greenwich he worked on a project titled “ mobile based order processing system for sales representatives working in telecom sectors ". Based on multiple case studies carried out.
Webinar Recording