Your API Branding Strategy - Thursday, June 13, 2013

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 13 Jun, 2013

API branding is a top concern of any API initiative, right after API security. Providing a strong brand presence throughout your API portal and operations is a critical, and often overlooked aspect of a healthy API strategy. Whether your portal is private, available only to partners, or available to the public, your brand needs to be strongly reflected.

API branding begins with your developer portal; maintaining a consistent look and feel across your developer area, sharing relevant APIs, and promoting community. Your API portal guides API developers and consumers on how they should weave your brand into their web and mobile applications, or widgets and info graphics.

In this session Chris Haddad and guest speaker Kin Lane of API Evangelist will describe:

  • Why create an API brand?
  • What actions and presence influences API brand success?
  • How do I efficiently promote APIs through multiple branded API portals?
Chris Haddad VP, Technology Evangelism Chris Haddad joined WSO2 as vice president of technology evangelism in 2011. In this role, Chris is raising visibility, awareness, and knowledge of the unique advantages provided by WSO2’s lean, fully componentized, open source middleware for on-premise and the cloud. Chris works closely with developers, architects, or C-level executives to increase WSO2 technology adoption, improve the middleware platform, and maximize customer value. He also works closely with WSO2’s engineering team to define the product roadmaps for WSO2’s Carbon and Stratos platforms.
Kin Lane API Evangelist Kin Lane is a unique blend of a IT, data, programming, product development, business development, online and social media marketing. He spends his days helping application developers understand what is possible with mobile and web application development using APIs and focuses on studying the best practices when it comes to the business of APIs.
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