The importance of data communication & visualization - WSO2's story of taking data to screen - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 20 Aug, 2013

Organizations harvest massive and diverse amounts of data each day. The data may be used for business intelligence, security and financial audits, systems monitoring or archival. Some business intelligence projects target organization CxOs, while others may target a group of privileged users. In each case, the information must be communicated in a fast and timely manner. Because business requirements evolve to meet new, emerging business opportunities, the tools must be able to rapidly adapt how the information is discovered, shared, and presented, shared.

During this summer school session, Nuwan Bandara will be talking about how data can be communicated and visualized effectively using most latest WSO2 technologies.


Nuwan Bandara
Technical Lead
Nuwan Bandara joined WSO2 in July 2009. He is a technical lead and member of the development technologies management committee, focusing on the WSO2 Gadget Server, WSO2 Mashup Server, Jaggery, and API Store. Additionally, Nuwan has provided technology consulting on customer engagements, including identity solutions and systems integration for the telecommunications, banking and financial services industries.