Product Release Webinar - WSO2 Developer Studio 3.5 - Thursday, January 23, 2014

  • By Kushlani De Silva
  • 23 Jan, 2014
Archived Content: This webinar is provided for historical perspective only, and may not reflect current conditions. For a more up-to-date product review watch our webinar on

The WSO2 Developer Studio is a one stop tooling platform for the WSO2 Carbon middleware platform, WSO2 Stratos PaaS and WSO2 AppFactory. You can implement your composite SOA applications with the WSO2 Developer Studio and generate deployable artifacts which you can deploy on to standalone WSO2 products as well as on to WSO2 Stratos PaaS without any changes.

The latest release 3.5 comes with the improved ESB graphical editor which provides unique support to use ESB connectors to develop mediation flows and also provides complete tooling support for Application development life cycle in App Factory.

In this webinar we will cover the new features of WSO2 Developer Studio 3.5 such as

  • Web service development with Jax-WS Jax-RS and Axis2.
  • Security for Web Services.
  • Check in ,check-out, deploy and view build logs of a Appfactory application inside a single perspective.
  • Develop, Deploy, Test and Debug Composite Applications through Developer Studio with WSO2 Carbon Middleware Stack.
    • Use Enterprise Service Bus tools to build your integrations with connectors.
    • Expose your Data as a Service in few clicks.
    • Manage your Resource through Developer Studio.
  • Apache Maven Integration.
Jasintha Dassanayaka Software Engineer Jasintha joined WSO2 in June 2011. He is a software engineer in the development technologies team where he works as a developer mainly focussing on the WSO2 Developer Studio. In addition to his contribution to the WSO2 Developer studio Jasintha, has provided technology consulting on customer engagements, including customer QuickStart programs. He is also an active contributor to the eclipse ECF project. Additionally he has also published numerous articles which are available in the WSO2 Library.
Harshana Martin Associate Technical Lead Harshana focuses on the WSO2 Developer Studio integrated development environment. He has contributed to several WSO2 QuickStart development consulting engagements. Moreover, he participated in the Google Summer of Code program in both 2009 and 2010 with the Eclipse Foundation, and is currently a committer for the Eclipse Communication Framework. He is also an active contributor to the Apache Axis2 project.