Dealing with API Statistics - The Scalable Way - Tuesday, August 12, 2014

  • By Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • 12 Aug, 2014

Analyzing invocation statistics of your business API can reveal many things - it will help organizations to understand who uses their APIs, when, and where. Statistics will help in capacity planning, deployment , maintenance schedules, trend analysis and decision making. The value of statistics increases with volume and against the time period.

However, with volume comes a problem. If your statistics collection and analyzing system are not scalable enough, it will soon break apart as the amount of stats received, stored, and processed grow over time.

In this session, Sumedha Rubasinghe, Director - API Architecture, will discuss:

  • Scalable statistics collection for API eco systems
  • Key design considerations
  • Real time and offline analysis
  • WSO2’s approach for dealing with these challenges
  • Presenter
    Sumedha Rubasinghe Director - API Architecture, WSO2 Sumedha focuses on development of the WSO2 Carbon Core, WSO2 Data Services, WSO2 Governance Registry, WSO2 Business Activity Monitor, and WSO2 API Manager. He has contributed to the successful implementation of data, SAP and repository-based integration projects, as well many WSO2 QuickStart development consulting engagements. He is an active committer with the Apache Axis2 project.