API Design with WSO2 API Manager - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

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  • 8 Oct, 2014
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APIs provide broader opportunities for companies to connect with new partners with the use of APIs itself as an advertising media. A proper design of such RESTful APIs is key to achieving the above-mentioned goals and provides benefits of increasing API performance, reducing the API development effort, and minimizing the operational support burden.

WSO2 API Manager helps companies venture into the API space with its own brand and control of an API management platform, providing a great deal of support for designing, implementing, and managing such APIs.

In this session, Lalaji Sureshika and Roshan Wijesena, senior software engineers at WSO2 will take you through;

  • An introduction to API designing - best practices and benefits
  • Support for API design tools and capabilities of WSO2 API Manager
  • Demonstration on API designing with WSO2 API Manager
  • Capabilities of testing designed APIs with prototyped APIs with WSO2 API Manager
  • Exposing a designed API as a managed API via WSO2 API Manager
Lalaji Sureshika Senior Software Engineer, WSO2 Lalaji joined WSO2 in September 2010. She is a senior software engineer in the WSO2 API Manager team where her main focus is on the development of the product. In addition to her product development efforts she has provided development support and technology consulting on customer engagements, including customer QuickStart programs.
Roshan Wijesena Senior Software Engineer, WSO2 Roshan is a Senior Software Engineer at WSO2.Prior to joining WSO2, Roshan worked at Webgurs as a Senior PHP developer where he was responsible for designing, developing and maintaining complex human resource management applications. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in MIS.